Operational Optimization Of A Potable Water Refilling Station

  • Norma B. Muyot Occidental Mindoro State College, College of Architecture, Engineering and Technology
  • Charmine Sheena R. Saflor Occidental Mindoro State College, College of Architecture, Engineering and Technology, Philippines
Keywords: Optimization plan, operational efficiency and water refilling.


This is study which focused on the determination of the coastal water quality, of the Aroma Beach, a strip of gray sand which stretches more than one kilometer and  located in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. To determine water quality,  water samples were taken monthly from  February 2019 to May 2019 and subjected to analysis for pH, DO, temperature and oil and grease. Microbiological tests include determination of total coliform and fecal coliform measured in terms of most probable number per 100ml of the water sampled. Results of the study indicate that the coastal waters at Aroma Beach is safe for contact swimming and other recreational activities, however, values of its oil and grease have exceeded the maximum concentration slightly exceeded the DENR threshold for this pollutant.



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