International Journal of Science, Technology & Management <p>International Journal of Science, Technology &amp; Management (IJSTM) e-ISSN: <strong>2722-4015</strong> is an international scholarly refereed research journal which aims to promote the theory and practice of science, technology, innovation, engineering and management.</p> <p>Journal IJSTM published Six times a year in <strong>January, March, May, July, September and November.</strong></p> <p>A broad outline of the journal's scope includes; peer reviewed original research articles, case and technical reports, reviews and analyzes papers, short communications and notes to the editors, in interdisciplinary information on the practice and status of research in science, technology and Management</p> <p>IJSTM is an international journal providing a platform for research paper publishing. IJSTM publishes research papers in various science, technology and managemen topics.</p> <p>IJSTM is a collaboration between researchers from the entire Globe including the USA, UK, Europe and Indonesia.</p> en-US (Arman Harahap) (Paramadi. M.M) Tue, 30 Jan 2024 13:04:32 +0000 OJS 60 Description Of Head Lice (Pediculus capitis) Infection Of Primary School Age Children In Elementary School Negeri 40, Salero District, Central Ternate District, Ternate City, 2022 <p><em>Head lice are the cause of the ectoparasitic disease pediculosis capitis. Both adults and children in school can have head lice. A public elementary school (SDN) 40 in Salero Village, Ternate City is utilized to illustrate how Pediculus capitis might spread. The purpose of this study is to characterize head lice infections caused by Pediculosis capitis in elementary school-aged children and to identify the risk factors that contribute to the spread of this infestation. This study uses a descriptive, analytical, correlative research design. The children in grades 4, 5, and 6 of SDN 40 comprised the study's population. The process of sampling involved tracking head lice infections according to factors such as age, gender, infection location, itching in the head, hair type, length, and frequency of hair washing r with Pediculus capitis infection (p-value = 0.001 and OR 0.102-0.570); long hair with Pediculus capitis infection (value = 0.000 and OR 101-0.569); hair washing interval with Pediculus capitis infection (p-value = 0.000 and OR 0.019-0.415) and use of combs together with Pediculus capitis infection (p-value = 0.001 and OR 00.141-0.789). Hair type did not have a significant relationship with Pediculus capitis infection with a p-value = 0.852 and OR 0.477-2.505.</em></p> Amalan Tomia, Rosmila Tuharea Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Wed, 31 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Analysis Of The Influence Of Port Business Management By Pt Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri On The Satisfaction And Loyalty Of Vessel Service Users In Banten Port <p><em>There are more than 30 port potential industrial ports which are directed to be developed and advanced, so the Banten Provincial government formed a Regional Company or Regional Owned Enterprise (BUMD), namely PD. PCM which is now PT. Cilegon Mandiri Port which has the main task of providing management and services in the field of ship guidance and towing. This research aims to determine and develop the influence of the management of Port Business Entities by PT Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri on the loyalty of ship service users through customer satisfaction at the Port of Banten. The research strategy used in this research is quantitative with an explanatory research approach. The research sample was 108 service users at Banten Port. The analytical tool used by SEMPLS with SmartPLS is to answer the problem formulation. The results of the research show that there is a significant positive influence of the management of Port Business Entities by PT Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri on the satisfaction of ship service users. There is a significant positive influence of the management of Port Business Entities by PT Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri on the loyalty of ship service users. There is a significant positive influence on customer satisfaction. on the loyalty of ship service users, satisfaction of ship service users is able to mediate the management of Port Business Entities by PT Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri on the loyalty of ship service users at Banten Port. It can be concluded that both directly and indirectly, there is an influence of the management of Port Business Entities by PT Pelabuhan Cilegon Mandiri on the loyalty of ship service users through satisfaction at the Port of Banten.</em></p> Ariel Vicrihadi, Agus Kurniawan, Eko Didik Harnoko, Idham Maulana Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Wed, 24 Jan 2024 13:16:49 +0000 The Influence Of Easy Business Licensing Through The Implementation Of Online Single Submission (OSS) Applications On Increasing Investment In North Sumatra Province (Mid Large Scale Industrial Sector) <p><em>The government issued the latest policy related to investment, namely Government Regulation Number 5 of 2021 which regulates Online Single Submission (OSS) and Government Regulation Number 6 of 2021. However, investment in the industrial sector in North Sumatra Province in fact it did not show an increase after the implementation of the application in 2018. In contrast to Indonesia's EoDB ranking, which after the implementation of the Online Single Submission (OSS) application in 2018 from rank 91 crawled up to rank 72. So the purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of ease of licensing trying through the implementation of the Online Single Submission Application to increase investment in the industrial sector in North Sumatra Province. The research method used is a quantitative approach by collecting data in the form of numbers from a Likert scale questionnaire. The sample used was 80 respondents using the non-probability sampling technique using purposive sampling method. Data analysis used validity tests, reliability tests, and path analysis (Path Analysis) with the aim of knowing the direct and indirect effects of the ease of business licensing variables through the implementation of the Online Single Submission Application on increasing investment. From the results of the study that the ease of licensing tries to influence directly or indirectly through the implementation of the Online Single Submission application on increasing investment in the category that is still less effective and the results of calculating direct effect is 41,5% and indirect effect is 46,45%. Where there are two policy indicators, transparency indicators for domestic investment and Accountability for foreign investment do not have a significant direct effect and coordination indicators provide a direct and significant influence on domestic investment and foreign investment. </em></p> Desni Maharani Saragih, T. Sabrina, Agus Purwoko Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Wed, 24 Jan 2024 13:33:56 +0000 Analysis Of The Influence Of Greenport Implementation On Service User Satisfaction At Pt Terminal Teluk Lamong Gresik Through The Image Of The Port Business Body <p>Teluk Lamong Terminal is the first semi-automatic terminal in Indonesia with environmentally friendly technology. <br>Teluk Lamong Terminal was built as an implementation of the Tanjung Perak Port Development which is equipped <br>with loading and unloading equipment using modern technology. This research aims to determine and develop the <br>effect of implementing Greenport on service user satisfaction through the image of the Port Business Entity at PT. <br>Lamong Gresik Bay Terminal. The research strategy used in this research is quantitative with an explanatory <br>research approach. The research sample was 155 service users at PT. Lamong Gresik Bay Terminal. The analysis <br>tool used is SPSS for instrument testing and SEMPLS with SmartPLS to answer the problem formulation. The results <br>of the research show that there is a significant positive influence of the application of Greenport on the image of the <br>Port Business Entity. There is a significant positive influence of the application of Greenport on service user <br>satisfaction. There is a significant positive influence of the image of the Business Entity on the satisfaction of service <br>users. The image of the Port Business Entity is able to mediate the implementation of Greenport on satisfaction of <br>service users at PT. Lamong Gresik Bay Terminal. It can be concluded that both directly and indirectly there is an <br>influence of the implementation of Greenport on service user satisfaction through the image of the Port Business <br>Entity at PT. Lamong Gresik Bay Terminal.</p> Djuliyanto Djuliyanto, Desman Adi, Aditya Putra Pratama, Wardoyo Dwi Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 11:07:22 +0000 Kiai Charismatic Leadership in Developing The Mamba'ul Ma'arif Denanyar Islamic Boarding School <p><em>This research departs from the development of Islamic boarding schools as educational institutions able to maintain their existence in the dynamics of global education. The dynamization and stabilization of Islamic boarding schools as one of the leading education systems in Indonesia is indeed inseparable from the leadership carried out by the caregivers and managers of Islamic boarding schools. This research took the locus at Yayasan Pondok Pesantren Mambaul Maarif Denanyar Jombang East Java to find answers to the following questions; How is the leadership of kiai concerning policy making for the development of Islamic boarding schools in the Mamba'ul Ma'arif Denanyar Jombang Islamic Boarding School; How is the kiai program program in the development of Islamic boarding schools in the Mamba'ul Ma'arif Islamic Boarding School Denanyar Jombang; How is the development of kiai in the development of Islamic boarding schools in the Mamba'ul Ma'arif Islamic Boarding School Denanyar Jombang. This qualitative research uses a phenomenological approach using a single case design. The research location is Pondok Pesantren Mambaul Maarif Denanyar Jombang, East Java. Data collection techniques use observation, interview and documentation techniques. Data analysis includes single-case analysis and cross-case analysis with data reduction analysis techniques, data presentation and conclusions. The results showed that; Policy making is carried out through; charismatic leadership model approach in policy setting; application of a democratic-consultative collective-collegial leadership system in policy formulation; policy making based on deliberation, and; laughter and spiritual based;&nbsp; The development program includes; development of Islamic boarding school academic programs in the form of shawir activities and peer reading; improvement of pesantren facilities; economic development; the Jalin Alumni program, and; sincerity-based Coaching is carried out through mechanisms; periodic coaching; emphasis on discipline;&nbsp; self-reliance briefing; suppression of civilized behavior;&nbsp; supervision and guidance based on guardians and alumni, and;&nbsp; based on laughter</em></p> Sulthon Sulaiman, Achmad Patoni, Ngainun Naim, Ahmad Supriyadi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 11:15:24 +0000 Determination of Content Marketing and Store Atmosphere on Café Consumer Responses <p><em>The development of the culinary business is increasingly rapid, marked by the emergence of many cafes which are increasingly common in Indonesia. Many cafes run culinary businesses that take advantage of practicality in consuming food and drinks. This research aims to determine consumer responses and the influence of content marketing and store atmosphere factors on consumer responses to café visitors simultaneously or partially. The population and sample are 120 consumers taken by nonprobability sampling technique. The analytical method used in this research is descriptive and verification. The instrument test was carried out with validity and reliability. Research data analysis includes multiple linear regression analysis, multiple correlation analysis, and hypothesis testing. The research results show that content marketing and store atmosphere are considered good. Simultaneously and partially, content marketing and store atmosphere factors have a positive and significant effect on consumer responses.</em></p> Ecin Kuraesin, Hartanti Nugrahanigsih, Syahrum Agung, Evita Dwi Tresnawati, Lucky Hikmat Maulana Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Thu, 25 Jan 2024 10:53:55 +0000 Influences The Sustainability Of Business Continuity Through Mass Customization On Embroidery Smes In West Bandung Regency <p>At this time, MSMEs are an important part of the economy in Indonesia, one of them is in the West Java <br>region. It was recorded that in 2021 the number of MSMEs in West Java was 6,257,390 and West <br>Bandung Regency was the area that experienced a significant increase. The categories of the business <br>are accessories, batik, embroidery, craft, fashion, services/others, convection, culinary, food and drink. <br>However, the covid-19 pandemic has caused business actors, especially the embroidery sector that must <br>be work harder in order to survive in the pandemic era. The lack of entrepreneurial innovativeness in <br>business success is can influence a decrease in sales and the success of a business can be seen from <br>business actors who making mass adjustments in terms of production (mass customization). Therefore, <br>business actors are required to be able to maintain their business. On this research using a descriptive <br>and associative methods. Descriptive research explains that characteristic or gap can be used as a <br>basic to solving business problem. On this research, descriptive research explains characteristic and <br>variable function like entrepreneurial innovativeness, mass customization, and business contuinity. The <br>location of this research is in West Bandung Regency, and the research subject were 70 embroidery <br>business actors in West Bandung Regency. Data collection techniques is using library research, then <br>continued with distributing questionnaires and interview. Data analysis techniques is using path <br>diagrams assisted by SEM-PLS software. The result on this research show that entrepreneurial <br>innovativeness mediated by mass customization has an effect on business continuity.</p> Eka Ludiya, Rini Mulyani Sari Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 11:19:12 +0000 Willingness To Pay And Ability To Pay Child Follow-Up Immunization In Medan City <p>Immunization must be given to children starting from infancy and is a mandatory program from the <br>government. Immunization can be provided free of charge at community health centers but can also be paid <br>(carried out independently) at other health service facilities such as private clinics. The aim of this research <br>is to determine the factors that influence Willingness To Pay and Ability To Pay at the Medan South Area <br>Health Center and Rumah Zakat Pratama Clinic in Medan City.This type of research is quantitative <br>research with descriptive analytics using cross sectional methods. Research data was obtained using a <br>questionnaire given to 150 respondents from both research sites, namely the health center and clinic. Job <br>criteria are education and knowledge for willingness to pay, while number of family members, accessibility, <br>income and expenses are associated with ability to pay. Data analysis to see the relationship used the chisquare test (α=0.05).The results of the research show that there is a relationship between education, work <br>and knowledge among respondents at community health centers and clinics with willingness to pay (WTP) <br>with p&lt;0.05 and there is a significant relationship between respondents at both community health centers <br>and clinics where accessibility criteria are met. ability to pay (ATP) with a p value &lt;0.05.</p> Eva Sartika Dasopang, Tahara Julia Sari, Wina Muliani, Fenny Hasanah, Desy Natalia Siahaan, Salma Handayani Lubis Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Thu, 25 Jan 2024 11:25:06 +0000 Small To Medium Enterpirses In The Digital Era On Line Shop Professional Community (Kaji) In East Java <p><em>S</em><em>mall</em> <em>To Medium Enterpirses In The Digital Era On Line Shop Professional Community (Kaji) In East Java. Th</em><em>e contribution of SMEs has had an impact on the regional and national economy (Bunga, 2022), the growth and development of SMEs in Indonesia cannot be separated from the various challenges faced, the economic crisis that occurred at the end of 1997 brought multi-economic impacts, including SMEs (Tejasari, 2008), the impact of Covid 19 which occurred in early 2020, the impact of the global economy occurred as a whole. SMEs also felt the same impact with the independence that SMEs have, being able to overcome global economic challenges (Aksan, 2022), entering the digital era. East Java UKM (K</em><em>AJI</em><em>) is faced with online shop UKM must be able to take a role and control the market so that the existence of SMEs is not eroded by digitalization, especially online shops.</em> <em>Legitimacy theory focuses on interactions between companies and society based on legitimacy theory, namely that a "social contract" occurs between companies and the community where the company operates and uses economic resources. It explains the concept of social contract, all social institutions, including companies, operate in society through social contracts, both explicit and implicit, their survival and growth is based on what consists of, the final result (social output) provided to the wider community, the distribution of economic, social and political benefits. to groups according to their power (Gray, 2001).</em> <em>The research method used in the research is qualitative analysis of case studies. Single case case study is used to obtain data from various primary and secondary research sources (observations, artifacts, archives, documents, interviews, multiple sources), is a research strategy involving one or more cases (multi cases) creating theoretical constructions, middle range propositions or theories based on empirical fact cases (Eisenhardt, 1989).</em> <em>The results of the research and discussion can be concluded that the existence of East Java UKM (KAJI) is described as follows: a. Able to support the family economy as an alternative source of family income, b. The existence of KAJI East Java, facilitates UKMs to establish friendly relations between UKMs, c. Market opportunities are still limited. SMEs still have difficulty marketing SME products. e. The attention received by SMEs in business development and capital assistance has not been maximized, f. Lack of innovation and creativity among SMEs. Suggestions for the existence of SMEs should receive more attention, especially in policies that support the existence of SMEs, especially the policy of implementing online shops to ensure the continuity of the existence of SMEs.</em></p> Idham Idham, Henni Made, Sri Dewi Fitrianingsih, Dzulkifli Bin Mukhtar Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Fri, 26 Jan 2024 14:41:39 +0000 Utilization Of Air Pollution As An Alternative For Growing Galah Shrimp (Macrobracium rosenbergii) In The Minapadi System Hydroganic <p><em>This research aims to increase farmers' income with high rice productivity and increase shrimp production. The method used was a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) experiment with 3 treatments and 4 replications. The treatments are: P1 (air pollution made from jengkol), P2 (air pollution made from noni), and P3 (air pollution made from garlic). This research was carried out for 100 days in the Teuku Umar University campus area using budikdamber aquaponics. The parameters observed were shrimp growth and survival. The research results showed that the best treatment was P2 which produced an average growth value for giant prawns of 3.42 g/ fish. From the results of this research, the application of air pollution with giant prawns has a positive impact on the observed parameters (</em>P &lt;0.05) <em>and provides benefits for farmers.</em></p> Mahendra Mahendra, Citra Dina Febrina Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Fri, 26 Jan 2024 14:47:04 +0000 Adventure Destinations In Indonesia: The Function Of Perceived Value, And Effect On Visitor Experience And Revisit Intention <p>Management of the Mt. Penanggungan destination which has not been managed well. Can management science <br>contribute to the Mt. Penanggungan adventure tourism destination? This research examines marketing management in <br>adventure tourism destinations, which is usually synonymous with customer loyalty, and the determinant is always <br>"satisfaction" but here we try another variable, namely "perceived value", then its influence on visitor experience and <br>revisit intention. The aim of this research is to determine the role of perceived value in adventure destinations in <br>Indonesia, and how much visitor experience influences it and then its influence on revisit intention. The sample used <br>233 visitors to Mt. Penanggungan who climbed at least once according to Hair et al., infinite population, using the <br>Convenience Sampling technique as part of a non-probability sampling design. The method uses a quantitative <br>approach with descriptive research according to Creswell, and explanatory according to Neuman. Statistical analysis <br>uses Path Analysis, previously testing the data: validity test and reliability test. Analyzed using descriptive analysis. <br>Tested using classic assumption tests: normality test, multicollinearity test, heteroscedasticity test, autocorrelation test.<br>Hypothesis tests were carried out: t test, F test, and R² test. And finally analyzed using path analysis. The results of this <br>research hypothesis test: visitor experience influences revisit intention, visitor experience influences perceived value, <br>perceived value influences revisit intention, visitor experience and perceived value influence revisit intention.<br>Managers are advised to maintain the stability of the influence of each variable, Visitor Experience to Perceived Value, <br>Visitor Experience to Revisit Intention, Perceived Value to Revisit Intention, so that all paths are consistently positive <br>and significant on an ongoing basis, and ultimately increase the number of return visits to Mt. Penanggungan, <br>indirectly improving the economy of residents around the slopes of Mt. Penanggungan, especially residents of <br>Tamiajeng Village on the south side, residents of Seloliman Village on the west side, residents of Wonosunyo Village on <br>the east side, and residents of Watonmasjedong Village on the north side.</p> Moch. Mahmudi Rosid Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 11:28:58 +0000 Procurement And Distribution Of Integrated Values Study Of Gamers Characters <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>The aim of the study were to analyze the factors affecting gamers characters based on values in particular procurement, distribution and perception on how specific games must be developed. The procurement and distribution of both hardwares and its programmable various games becoming the essential in this study. Various values which formed the integrated values plus two other independent variables such as character identification and satisfaction rate were affecting the dependent variable, the intention of purchasing particular games. Structural equation analysis was done to justify if the dependent variables significantly affected by integration value, character identification and satisfaction rate. The result showed that Integrated Value of Purchading Game Items had a positive influence on Game Items Purchase Intention where the results of data processing showed that the standard coeficient was positive and the P Value showed a value of 0.000 which was in accordance with the requirement that the P Value must be below 0.05.</em></p> Mohammad Annas, Humairoh Humairoh Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 02:34:09 +0000 The Influence Of E-Service Quality Dimensions On E-Customer Satisfaction And Its Impact On E-Customer Loyalty Tiket.Com <p>The problem that is often experienced by companies in the field of online <br>transportation services such as travel agencies is the quality of service <br>provided. Most consumers are dissatisfied with the services provided. These <br>problems make researchers interested in further examining the level of <br>consumer satisfaction with the services provided and analyzing consumer <br>loyalty in using the travel agency application in the form of The <br>implementation of this research implements a descriptive quantitative method <br>with the data collection technique, namely a questionnaire. Then the sample <br>selection method applies non-probability sampling of the purposive sampling <br>type and 260 respondents are obtained. While the data analysis implements <br>hypothesis testing in the form of SEM-PLS. Based on the test results and <br>analysis conducted, it was found that 1) e-customer satisfaction is positively <br>influenced insignificantly by site organization; 2) e-customer satisfaction is <br>not positively influenced by efficiency; 3) e-customer satisfaction is positively <br>influenced insignificantly by responsiveness; 4) e-customer satisfaction is <br>positively influenced by user friendliness; 5) e-customer satisfaction is <br>positively influenced insignificantly by personal needs; 6) e-customer <br>satisfaction is positively influenced by fulfillment; and 7) e-customer <br>satisfaction is positively influenced by security</p> Muhammad Athallah Naufal, Heppy Millanyani, Nurvita Trianasari Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 02:44:50 +0000 Combination Of Goat Rumen And Mas Snails As Decomposer Bacteria In Manufacturing Empty Palm Bunch Compost <p>One effort to utilize EPOFB waste is by composting EPOFB. Cellulose can be broken down by the activity of <br>microorganisms that are capable of hydrolyzing cellulose as an energy source, such as bacteria and fungi. One <br>solution for managing EFB waste is to utilize cellulose decomposing organisms, which come from goldfish <br>snails (pomacea canaliculata) and goat rumen (caprovis spp.). The aim of this research is to calculate the <br>length of time for composting, observe the physical properties of the compost and test the nutrient elements N, P, <br>K, C/N ratio and pH, compost from EFB using decomposer bacteria from golden snails combined with goat <br>rumen at the P1 level and the P2 level. using commercial bioactivators. Fertilizer results at each level were <br>compared with the Indonesian National Standard SNI No./140/10/2004. This research was carried out at the <br>Agronomy Laboratory of the Plantation Plant Cultivation Study Program and Pilot Gardens of the Samarinda <br>State Agricultural Polytechnic, from June to September 2023. The research results show the length of time for <br>composting to compost empty oil palm bunch waste at P1 level using a golden snail decomposer combined with <br>rumen goats and P2 used a commercial biodecomposer for 53 days. Based on the results of research on the <br>physical properties of empty oil palm fruit bunch waste compost at levels P1 and P2, the temperature at the end <br>was the same, namely 28ºC, while the color, odor and texture parameters were better at level P2, namely <br>blackish brown, odorless and slightly grainy in texture. The research results at the P2 treatment level were <br>better in terms of the element parameters N, P, K and C, namely, N = 1.0343%, P = 0.2554% and K = 32.58, <br>which met SNI 19-7030-2004 standards.</p> Muhammad Fauzan Bintang Andaswara, Rusmini Rusmini, Zainal Abidin, La Mudi, Daryono Daryono, Rusli Anwar, Syaiful Arifin Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 02:58:24 +0000 The Influence Of Financial Technology, Financial Literacy, And Risk Perception On Mutual Fund Investment Decisions In Generation Z In Jawa Barat <p>Generation Z is a generation that grew up in the digital era, where <br>technology and social media have become an important part of their <br>lives. Based on survey results, most of generation Z have expenses that <br>are greater than their income. This shows that they are less wise in <br>financial management and less able to carry out long-term financial <br>planning. On the other hand, current technological advances present <br>various choices and convenience for making financial investments. There <br>are various types of investment products available for short and long <br>term, which have low risk to high risk. For beginner investors, investing <br>in mutual funds is highly recommended. This is because investing in <br>mutual funds in Indonesia can be started with low fund, diversified <br>funds, managed by professional investment management, thereby <br>providing better return opportunities. This research aims to determine <br>the influence of financial technology, financial literacy, and risk <br>perception on generation Z mutual fund investment decisions in West <br>Java. This research method uses quantitative methods with descriptive <br>and associative approaches. The infinite population in this research is <br>Generation Z in West Java who have invested in mutual funds. <br>Respondents have addresses in various cities in West Java. The sample <br>was determined using simple random sampling with a sample size of 80. <br>The results of this study explain that Financial Technology and Risk <br>Perception do not influence Generation Z's mutual fund investment <br>decisions. On the other hand, financial literacy influences Generation <br>Z's mutual fund investment decisions in West Java.</p> Pani Khaera Palesta, V. Santi Paramita Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Santripreneur Vocational High School Entrepreneurship Education Management Model: A Single Case Study At Anharul Ulum Islamic Vocational High School In Blitar, East Java, Indonesia <p>The present study reports a single case study on the Santripreneur Entrepreneurship Education Management <br>Model at An Harul Ulum Islamic Boarding School in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. This study aimed to disclose the <br>model of Santripreneur Entrepreneurship Education Management. The focuses of this study were (1)Planning in <br>contexts of Policies, Programs, and program dissemination, (2) Organization in contexts of roles, responsibility, <br>and procedures (3)Implementation in contexts of Method, Process, Legalities, Facilities, and Practices, and (4) <br>Evaluation contexts of process and results. This study employed a qualitative embedded single case study. Data <br>were collected through interviews, observation, and documentation. The data was analyzed by using the interactive <br>analysis model. The results of the research revealed the following propositions :(1).Synchronization of the <br>curriculum content and time frame enables the Santripreneur Entrepreneurship Educators to implement both the <br>vocational and Pesantren-based Islamic studies, (2) The shared laboratory and teaching factory usage enables <br>creative and productive teachers to effectively implement the Santripreneur Entrepreneurship Education, (3) The <br>use of the internal quality assurance standard provides the trust of the customers., and (4). The Santripreneur <br>Entrepreneurship Education results in the students. These propositions were generated from the Santripreneur <br>Entrepreneurship Model consisting of the planning, organizing, implementation, and evaluation characterized by <br>the pesantren-based education resulting in students’ entrepreneurial skills effectively.</p> Supriyono Supriyono, Hidayaturrahman Hidayaturrahman, Muhammad Taufan Perdana Putra Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:12:18 +0000 Service Quality Analysis based on Online Customer Review in Google Play Store (Study Case of Telkomsel) <p><em>A corporation that offers internet services is known as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Regional-scale networks and worldwide networks are offered at ISPs, allowing consumers to effortlessly connect with the outside world globally. Telkomsel is one of providers that is used the most widely in Indonesia. However, Telkomsel is also a provider with the most complaints than others. This study chooses Telkomsel as a case study to determine their quality of service based on customer review. This paper aims to analyze and identify the service quality of Telkomsel and topics that were discussed by Telkomsel users based on customer reviews in Google Play Store. We categorized the data according to the following service quality dimensions: network quality, customer service and technical support, information quality, security and privacy, and fulfillment. As a result, the Naive Bayes Classifier (NBC) was applied to assist in the sentiment analysis process. The accuracy for sentiment analysis using NBC was more than 75%. This study used Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) models for topic modeling to identify themes that are often discussed by consumers. Hence, the result of this study can help a company to improve and develop their quality of product and service according to customer needs.</em></p> Wahyuning Hanifah Aprillia, Maya Ariyanti, Sri Widiyanesti Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:16:44 +0000 Systematic Literature Review: The Paradigm Of Developing Nations Oriented Towards Falah <p><em>This systematic literature review delves into the emerging paradigm witnessed in developing nations as they shift their development strategies towards the concept of Falah. Rooted in Islamic principles, Falah encapsulates holistic well-being, prosperity, and the fulfillment of societal needs. The review synthesizes diverse scholarly articles, research papers, and academic contributions to explore the theoretical foundations, policy implications, and practical applications of the Falah-oriented development approach across developing nations. Highlighting the experiences of countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia, the study underscores the transformative role of Falah in shaping economic development strategies. From the integration of Falah-based economies to the empowerment of Sharia-compliant economic sectors, each nation exhibits a unique approach to realizing this paradigm. The article emphasizes the significance of aligning with Sharia principles, fostering socio-economic well-being, and contributing to sustainable development goals. The findings illuminate the pivotal role of Falah as a catalyst for positive change, offering valuable insights into alternative development paradigms and their potential contributions to holistic well-being and sustainable development in the developing world.</em></p> Windu Anggara, Isnaini Harahap, Zuhrinal M. Nawawi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:29:56 +0000 Economic Transformation: Navigating Challenges And Embracing Opportunities In Islamic Economics And Finance Across Southeast Asia <p><em>The research aims to comprehensively understand challenges impeding the growth of Islamic economic systems in Southeast Asia and explore opportunities for sustainable development. It contextualizes the economic transformation in the region, emphasizing the unique role of Islamic economics and finance. Challenges like regulatory complexities, market uncertainties, and global economic shifts are analyzed, providing insights into impediments faced by the Islamic finance sector. The article explores strategies employed by Southeast Asian countries to promote Islamic economics and finance, assessing policy effectiveness and collaborative efforts. It highlights the role of financial inclusion, education, and technology in overcoming hurdles. On a positive note, the study identifies growth opportunities in regional cooperation, innovative financial instruments, and Islamic finance's potential contribution to sustainable development goals. Emphasizing the importance of embracing these opportunities, the research contributes to the discourse on economic transformation in Southeast Asia. The findings aim to inform policymakers, financial institutions, and scholars, fostering understanding for a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous economic future in the region.</em></p> Wulan Dayu, Isnaini Harahap, Zuhrinal M. Nawawi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:37:05 +0000 Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Rice Washing Water Waste <p><em>Rice washing water is still considered as household waste because its benefits for plants are not widely known. Rice washing water is obtained from water that is washed many times before cooking which is rich in carbohydrate content in the form of starch and glucose and vitamins. Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) require sugar or carbohydrates from rice washing water which is used as food to support metabolic activity and microbial cell proliferation. LAB is also included in a large group of microorganisms that physiologically produce lactic acid as the main metabolic product. LAB are classified as good bacteria so they are widely used as food processing products, especially those related to human digestion. The use of lactic acid bacteria in the agricultural sector is still very minimal, especially as a biodecomposer, even though LAB has the ability to produce cellulase enzymes which are very important in the breakdown of lignin in organic matter. This study aims to determine the presence of lactic acid bacteria in rice washing water fermentation. Isolation of lactic acid bacteria using pour plate method with MRSA (de Man Rogosa Sharpe Agar) media. Lactic acid bacteria isolates obtained were then characterized morphologically, physically, and biochemically. The results of isolation and characterization obtained four isolates with the codes AL-01, AL-02, AL-03, and AL-04. Four LAB isolates showed gram-positive, catalase-positive, non-motile, non-H2S, and IAA-positive results.</em></p> Zainal Abidin, La Mudi, Rusmini, Nur Hidayat, Silvi Dwi Mentari, Daryono Daryono, Dody Prima Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:49:27 +0000 Application Of K-Means Clustering For Customer Segmentation In Grocery Stores In Kenya <p>The retail industry, particularly in the context of grocery stores, plays a vital role in meeting consumers' daily <br>needs. To optimize marketing strategies and enhance customer satisfaction, understanding customer behavior and <br>preferences is crucial. Customer segmentation, a powerful market research technique, enables businesses to group <br>customers with shared characteristics into distinct segments, allowing targeted and personalized approaches. This <br>article explores the application of the K-means clustering algorithm for customer segmentation in grocery stores <br>within the unique context of Kenya. By leveraging transactional and demographic data from diverse grocery stores <br>across Kenya, the study aims to identify homogeneous customer groups with similar purchasing behaviors and <br>preferences. The data collection process involved obtaining consent from store owners and ensuring data privacy <br>and security. Following data preprocessing, K-means clustering was applied, and various validation techniques <br>were utilized to determine the optimal number of clusters. The results yielded valuable insights into customer <br>segments, aiding the identification of key customer groups and their distinct preferences.</p> Edwin Omol, Dorcas Onyangor, Lucy Mburu, Paul Abuonji Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 04:57:09 +0000 Anomaly Detection In IoT Sensor Data Using Machine Learning Techniques For Predictive Maintenance In Smart Grids <p>The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the smart grid infrastructure has <br>enabled the generation of massive amounts of sensor data. This wealth of data presents <br>an opportunity to implement sophisticated data analytics techniques for predictive <br>maintenance in smart grids. Anomaly detection using machine learning algorithms has <br>emerged as a promising approach to identifying irregular patterns and deviations in <br>sensor data, leading to proactive maintenance strategies. This article explores the<br>application of machine learning techniques for anomaly detection in IoT sensor data to <br>enable predictive maintenance in smart grids. We delve into various machine learning <br>algorithms, including Isolation Forest, One-Class SVM, Autoencoders, and Random <br>Forest, assessing their capabilities in identifying anomalies in large-scale data streams. <br>The study also reviews the Performance Evaluation and Model Selection techniques for <br>Anomaly Detection in IoT Sensor Data, possible integration and deployment challenges, <br>and critique of the few selected studies. Explicitly, this scholarly inquiry questions the <br>profound significance of predictive maintenance within the context of Smart Grids. It <br>elucidates distinct categories of anomalies inherent within IoT Sensor Data.<br>Furthermore, the article expounds upon various classes of Machine Learning Algorithms <br>while also clarifying the criteria employed for their selection. Notably, the study probes <br>the potential hindrances that could emerge during the deployment and integration of <br>Machine Learning Techniques specifically aimed at Anomaly Detection in IoT Sensor <br>Data. In addition, the research sheds light on the aspects that might have been <br>inadvertently overlooked within the existing corpus of literature.</p> Edwin Omol, Lucy Mburu, Dorcas Onyango Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Adoption Of E-Commerce In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In Bogor District <p><em>In recent years, e-commerce has emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding commercial trends. This trend is propelled by the growing prevalence of internet access and the widespread adoption of smartphones in society.&nbsp; Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in the Indonesian economy. The transformation of SMEs must continue to be strengthened through optimizing the use of digital technology so that it can attract benefits for marketing activities and product sales. digital marketing is the most chosen area to start. The challenge is that as many as 30.9% of SMEs still experience difficulties in digital adoption.&nbsp; The objective of this study is to examine the determinants that impact the implementation of electronic commerce by small and medium-sized enterprises in Bogor Regency. This study used an online survey methodology, with a sample size of 170 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located in Bogor Regency. Data processing was conducted utilizing spreadsheet apps and SmartPLS.&nbsp; The findings indicated that perceived utility, external influences, and attitude towards adopting e-commerce are influential and statistically significant factors in promoting e-commerce adoption.&nbsp; Regarding the perceived ease of use, the attitude towards adopting e-commerce is not influenced by technical readiness and organizational readiness.&nbsp; This research has several implications for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), government entities, and e-commerce administrators. This research demonstrates the imperative for SMEs to enhance their knowledge and skills in utilizing e-commerce, while also enhancing their organizational governance and receptiveness to change, particularly at the top management level. The government requires consistency in offering support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in their use of e-commerce, including training, financial aid, and innovation.</em></p> Erry Nugroho Himawan, Ahmad Djuwaini, Awang Darmawan Putra Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Influence Of Brand Ambassador And Sales Promotion On Online Repurchase Intention (Case Study On Tokopedia E-Commerce) <p>The use of brand ambassadors and sales promotions in online shopping applications also has an <br>influence on repeat purchase interest. This becomes interesting to study in the E-Commerce era. <br>The aim of the research is to analyze the influence of brand ambassadors and sales promotions <br>on online repurchase intention. Research respondents are customers who have made purchases <br>through the Tokopedia e-commerce application. This research uses a sample of 100 respondents <br>using data collection techniques through questionnaires. The analysis technique uses multiple <br>linear regression analysis with the SPSS program. Based on the results of the analysis, it shows <br>that the brand ambassador and Sales Promotion variables positive influenced and significant <br>on the online repurchase intention variable of e-commerce application users. The research <br>findings also show that the sales promotion variable has a dominant influence on online <br>repurchase intention variable.</p> Mohamad Singgih, Ratih Agustin Rachmaningrum, Suatmo Pantja Putra, Febriani Wunga Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 13:55:58 +0000 Empowerment Women's Organizations In The Era Of Digitalization (Dharma Women's Unity in East Java Province, Indonesia) <p><em>Era 4.0, digital change in almost all lines of activity, requires digitalization of development, organizational management can keep up with the times, administrators and members are required to follow technology and also apply it to organizational management, creating competent, globally competitive, competitive and innovative human resources (Setiawan, 2016). Previous research studies from primary and secondary data showed that the impact of digitalization was also felt by the East Java DWP by carrying out manual reporting which was not supported by good publications, resulting in all work activities achieved not being able to reach the maximum by the wider community, especially the people of East Java. Existence is able to come out of the existence of something and is able to transcend itself because the existence of a dynamic process comes from existere, which means coming out of, going beyond or overcoming, so existence is not rigid and stops but experiences development or decline depending on the ability to actualize its potential (Abidin, 2006). Women's empowerment accelerates economic growth in a country where to achieve development goals according to the concept of Development Economics, an appropriate development strategy is needed. Empowerment is one of the strategies most widely used in overcoming various development problems because without women's development, economic growth and development will not occur (Marditama, 2021:11). </em><em>Choosing an interpretive way of how individuals who experience it directly gives meaning to interactions that have been experienced in social life with a pattern of prioritizing a series of descriptions of the experiences of the informants, interpretive builds meaning from life experiences experienced directly (Cresswell, 2018). An interpretive approach to how the East Java DPD organization exists in the era of digitalization is the main focus of the study, how the subjects, namely women who are members of the East Java DW</em><em>P</em><em> organization, continue to exist amidst the onslaught of digitalization.</em> <em>Increasing the role of women in DWP so that they are ready in the 4.0 era and ready to face global challenges so that DWP members and families are able to develop their potential through DWP priority programs so that they are able to support the DWP organization to become a center of excellence in empowering women and families and can participate in progress world civilization. It is necessary to increase members' understanding of organizational management through a system that needs to be built in an integrated manner. By instilling a sense of belonging to the organization, caring and unity, a solid organization with creative and innovative activities will be formed.</em></p> Diana Rapitasari, Pribadiyono Pribadiyono, Suwitho Suwitho Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:03:09 +0000 The Role Of The Gresik Regency Regional Government On Of The Stakeholders In Songkok Small And Medium Indsustries (Ikm) In Gresik Regency <p><em>The number of small and medium-sized industries recorded today is 261 people, showing the dominance of the Songkok industry in Gresik Regency. Management with a family and conventional system results in the Songkok Small and Medium Medium Industry Business Actors in Gresik Regency not being able to market Songkok optimally and have not been able to compete in the national market, the involvement of local governments is needed in supporting the development of small and medium industries in Gresik Regency. The existence of a small -medium medium industry in Gresik Regency in addition to being one of the crafts that produces products that become part of the culture of the Indonesian people, is also one of the industries that contribute to economic growth in Kabuoaten Gresik. </em><em>The research method used is a qualitative method with case studies, a small and medium -sided industry has existed in Gresik Regency since the 1970s, initially only in Gresik District, has grown, developed, and spread in several regions in Gresik Regency, so that it became a part From the icon of Gresik Regency as the largest Songkok Craftsman Center in Indonesia. The reality on the ground with existing experience does not necessarily make the business fears able to compete in the national market. Digging information from 9 informants, aims to identify the Songkok Small and Medium Industry Business Process (IKM) in Gresik Regency, identify the right marketing mix in Songkok Small and Medium Industries (IKM) in Gresik Regency, and see the extent of the role of the local government as one of the stakeholders In supporting the growth of Songkok Small and Medium Industries (IKM) in Gresik Regenc</em><em>y.</em><em> The results of the Songkok Small and Medium Medium Industry Research in Gresik Regency are a family -patterned business with a production and seasonal sales and running business processes conventionally and traditional. Publick Governance as one of the new components in the marketing mix (marketing mix) which also has an important role in the development of the small and medium industry of Songkok in Gresik Regency. Collaboration and Synergy of the Gresik Regency Regional Government as one of the stakeholders with business actors needs to be improved in order to encourage the growth of small and medium industry and songkok industries and efforts to preserve the culture and identity of the Gresik Regency.</em></p> Mohammad Arif Syarifuddin, Pribadiyono Pribadiyono, Iksan Budi Riharjo Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:14:32 +0000 Three Phase Series Active Power Filter Based Adaptive Linear Neuron (ADALINE) to overcome voltage harmonics in power systems <p><em>Voltage harmonics in the power system can interfere with the work of equipment and reduce the quality of electrical power. This is overcome by using a Series Active Power Filter which is a three-phase Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). The artificial neural network compensation method is used as the control circuit of the Series Active Power Filter to generate a reference voltage from the harmonic distorted and unbalanced source voltage. The artificial neural network determines the amplitude of the sine and cosine components of the reference voltage. Computer simulation results show that the three-phase Series Active Power Filter with artificial neural network compensation method is effectively able to remove harmonics and produce a sinusoidal and balanced three-phase voltage that will be received by the load..</em></p> Marselin Jamlaay Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:33:23 +0000 The Rational Options For Investors To Choose Star Hotel Investments In Surabaya Indonesia <p><em>Surabaya and Pandemic conditions that have occurred before, hampering the level of hotel occupancy in Surabaya and affecting hotel revenue resulted in several hotels streamlining all activities to minimize operational costs can minimize losses due to lack of occupancy due to Pandemi Covid 19, the interest of investors to invest in the star hotel business in the city of Surabaya. Conditions of Phenomenon Contractions for What Study can make investors remain optimistic and dare to do the star hotel business in Surabaya, (BPD PHRI East Java, 2021).</em> <em>Decision Making Theory's action, becoming the social capital of investors contributed to the decision to invest in hospitality business, mushroomed new hotels in the city of Surabaya. The highlight of PHRI urged the Surabaya City Government to take steps to limit the construction of a new star hotel (moratorium), in order to prevent overloop supply and unfair business competition in the star hotel industry in the city of Surabaya.</em><em>The theory of irrational and rational actions explains why people learn to believe, for various levels and in certain contexts. The learning process takes place through repeated interactions and by looking at the interaction of others. shows that the efficient way to explain human actions is by assuming individuals to act for a series of reasons (Ritzer and Smart, 2014: 757)</em><em>. </em><em>The study of this research uses a transdental phenomenological approach, putting an understanding of Fonemena to build the meaning of the experience of the object of the informants of the starred hospitality industry in Surabaya, namely investors and relations near investors. What is the background and motivation of investors in choosing a hotel business, how is the process and view of the realization of hotel business by investors, what is the view of investors in managing hotel business and the impact of hotel business on other investor businesses.</em> <em>Previous business expertise, investors with previous business experience may find the possibility of investing in attractive hotel industries, long -term property investment, hotel industry is often a promising industry. The value of hotel assets is often high, and its value tends to increase from time to time, media actualization, for some investors, investing in the hotel industry can be a way to achieve self -actualization. They could have wanted to be involved in manufacturing typical and attractive property because they have personal interest in the hospitality sector, increase customer confidence, investors who have a strong reputation or have achieved success in other industries can utilize investment in the hospitality industry as a way to increase customer confidence</em><em>.</em></p> Sugito Sugito, Bubidyanto Bubidyanto, Suwitho Suwitho Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:51:22 +0000 Design and Development of Android-based interactive 3D Virtual Tours for Campuses <p><em>Virtual Tour has become a popular simulation in virtual reality (VR) technology by combining a series of images to produce 360-degree panoramic photos. By taking objects in the Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya campus environment, the Virtual Tour can introduce the social and physical environment to new students and the general public. This research aims to enable users to feel like they are in the campus environment through the virtual world. The virtual world environment is created in 3 dimensions, which contains an explanation of the object to be targeted; for software design using programming algorithms in the C# language, a finite state machine (FSM) is created in designing the player control system, 3D Blender in creating three-dimensional objects and using Unity 3D in building applications. The research results show an innovation in the form of a 3D virtual tour of Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya using the Unity 3D platform, which allows users to interact with the campus environment through smooth movements using a virtual joystick. This virtual tour allows users to explore the university in depth by walking around the campus to find important places at Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya.</em></p> Anang Adisusilo Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 14:58:06 +0000 The Effect of Social Media Marketing Activities Through Brand Awareness and Brand Image on Brand Loyalty and Emotional Attachment in Traveloka <p>Growth technology Which fast especially development Internet in Indonesia Which give Lots Of convenience for do interaction. See development Internet Which so fast proven with increasing Internet and social media use in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to determine the influence <em>of social media marketing activities </em>on <em>brand loyalty </em>and <em>emotional attachment </em>and <em>brand equity </em>which includes <em>brand awareness </em>and <em>brand </em>equity mediates the relationship between the two variables. Traveloka is the object of this research is company Which move on field industry tourist. Method study Which used in study This is method quantitative by collecting data through questionnaires that use scales <em>likert.</em> The number of samples taken in this research was 250 respondents. Criteria Which used for respondents covers <em>followers </em>from Instagram <em>Traveloka </em>And Already do transaction minimum 2x. Analysis data use <em>Structural Equation Modeling </em>(SEM) and processed using <em>Smart software </em>PLS-SEM.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong>Social Media Marketing Activities, Brand Equity, SEM PLS, E-Tourism</p> Muhammad Adrian Daffa Nadino Rinaldi, Heppy Millanyani, Nurvita Trianasari Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 15:23:01 +0000 Post-COVID-19 Era: Navigating Challenges in Online Thesis Guidance for Academic Enrichment <p><em>The integration of information technology (IT) in higher education has significantly enhanced academic performance, with a focus on information systems, electronic thesis management, and legal responsibilities outlined in Higher Education Law No. 12 of 2012. This study explores the challenges and opportunities arising from the transition to online thesis guidance, prompted by the post-COVID-19 era, within the Information Systems Program at Multimedia Nusantara University.&nbsp; Utilizing a qualitative case study approach and thematic analysis, the research uncovers challenges in clarity of instructions, guidance note management, and dynamics of relationships with academic mentors, examiners, and the thesis defense committee. As students navigate the intricate landscape of online thesis guidance, the study emphasizes the importance of transparent communication and adaptability.&nbsp; In conclusion, while IT integration enriches academic quality, challenges identified in online thesis guidance serve as guideposts for institutions to refine strategies and enhance communication. This research provides valuable insights for educational institutions, ensuring a seamless and enriching academic experience for students in the evolving landscape of higher education, particularly in the context of online thesis guidance.</em></p> Ahmad Faza, Johan Setiawan, Eunike Endariahna Surbakti, Albert Richard Dammara Alba, Cindy Febriani Santoso, Fidelia Rahmah, Mella Margareta Veronica, Jacintha Cordelie Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Mon, 29 Jan 2024 15:30:22 +0000 The Power Of Satisfaction And Trust: Unlocking E-WOM's Influence On Consumer Repurchase Intentions In Digital Marketplaces <p>The purpose of this research is to investigate how consumer repurchase intention in the <br>setting of e-commerce is impacted by electronic word of mouth (e-WOM), trust, and <br>customer happiness. The demographic of this study is the people who live in the North <br>Banjarmasin District, and the research sample consists of 399 respondents who buy at <br>the marketplace. The study used a quantitative design. An analysis method called <br>structural equation modeling (SEM) is applied. The findings of the study demonstrate <br>the significance of these variables in influencing the intention to repurchase, and eWOM is recognized as a key tactic for encouraging customers to share pleasant <br>experiences with one another. However, e-WOM is negatively impacted by the <br>possibility of disseminating false information. According to research, e-WOM, trust, <br>and customer happiness all significantly influence the desire to repurchase. Reliability <br>of work, completeness of information, and timeliness of delivery can all be used to <br>gauge this level of confidence</p> Defin Shahrial Putra, Teguh Wicaksono, Abdurrahim Abdurrahim Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 A Study Of Sustainable Marketing After Pandemic Era In Indonesia <p>The present study reports the first comprehensive study about rebuilt the business <br>resilience is very important to achieve the rise healthcare industry especially hospital, <br>because of their important role in the national economy. Most business organizations in <br>Indonesia have experienced disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic, not a few have <br>ended up bankrupt and unable to survive. This research aims to formulate a framework <br>for hospital marketing and business revival during and after a crisis like covid-19. The <br>aim of this research is to analyze the influence of perceived benefits and culture in <br>affecting clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS) for patients, with the mediation of <br>religiosity. This study is classified as quantitative research aimed at testing hypotheses <br>statistically. The research subjects are drawn from 150 patients in a shariah hospital <br>using survey research, resulting in the in-patient informant from two group of moslem <br>hospitas group with the questionare. The research findings indicate that perceived <br>benefits and culture, have significant impact on religiosity and PHBS. Religiosity plays a <br>mediating role connecting perceived benefits and culture to PHBS in the shariah <br>hospital. It is hoped in the future that hospital can restore their business conditions and <br>be able to revive after the pandemic with the sustainable marketing.</p> Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Daru Asih, Dudi Permana, Jumarno Jumarno Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 05:46:37 +0000 Analysis Of Glass Ceiling And Sustainable Business Optimization For Women Entrepreneurial Careers <p>These study reports the comprehensive study about rebuilt the business resilience is very <br>important to achieve the rise industry, with women entrepreneurs because of their <br>important role in the rising of national economy. Most business organizations in Indonesia <br>have experienced disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic, not a few have ended up <br>bankrupt and unable to survive. For this reason, businesswomen need to manage <br>marketing activities with adaptation and flexible innovation in accordance with the <br>potential of MSMEs through current agile business and marketing strategy. This research <br>aims to formulate a framework for business revival after a crisis such as Covid-19. It is <br>hoped that this research can provide input regarding effective procedures for business <br>organizations in dealing with business disruption for women business owners. This <br>research aims to formulate a framework for business women entrepreneurs’ revival during <br>and after a crisis like covid-19 with qualitative method. A qualitative descriptive approach <br>was used in this research to obtain an overview of the situation experienced by MSMEs. <br>The data collection methods used were interviews, observation, and documentation, using <br>a purposive sampling method in selecting research sources. Source triangulation and <br>technique triangulation methods were used in this research to ensure data validity. The <br>data source for this research is 10 female business MSME owners in Tangerang Banten <br>Indonesia. The results of this research show that agile, adaptation, and innovation, can be <br>used as solutions to deal with business disruption and solutions in business optimization</p> Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Juniawan Mandala Putra, Mohamad Reza Hilmy Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effect Of Placement, Material Incentives And Non Material Incentives On Employee Job Satisfaction (Study Of Non-Medical Employees Of RSJT Pekanbaru In Indonesia) <p>This study aims to analyze whether there is a simultaneous and partial influence of employee reward variables, <br>material incentives and non-material incentives on job satisfaction at RSJT Pekanbaru Hospital. The research <br>method used is quantitative, namely research that aims to explain the relationship between employee placement <br>variables, material incentives and non-material incentives and job satisfaction variables. All research variables <br>are reduced to several research indicators and indicators are reduced to research instruments. The research <br>population was all staff of the General Administration and Finance Section of RSJT, totaling 72 people. <br>Considering the population was less than 100, the entire population was used as respondents. To collect data using <br>a questionnaire distribution technique, with the consideration that respondents did not have time to be interviewed <br>and were able to understand the substance of the questionnaire. The analytical technique used to analyze research <br>data is the Multiple Liner Regression statistical technique and uses SPSS version 22. From the research results it <br>was found that employee placement has a significant effect on job satisfaction of RSJT non-medical employees; <br>providing material incentives has a significant effect on job satisfaction of RSJT non-medical employees; providing <br>non-material incentives has a significant effect on job satisfaction of RSJT non-medical employees; and employee <br>placement, material incentives and non-material incentives have a significant effect on job satisfaction of nonmedical employees together. It is recommended that the leadership of RSJT Pekanbaru, 1) consider the suitability <br>of employee placement with the education, skills and work experience of non-medical employees; 2) Adjusting the <br>provision of material incentives to employee expectations and needs and related to employee morale; 3) Provision <br>of non-material incentives must be in accordance with work performance and employee needs.</p> Kasmiruddin Kasmiruddin, Ruzikna Ruzikna, Lie Othman, Mandataris Mandataris, Nurfitri Nurfitri Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 00:00:00 +0000 The Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Growth Opportunity, And Company Characteristics On Earning Response Coefficient (Case Study On The Conventional Banking Sector Listed On The Indonesia Stock Exchange-IDX 2018-2022) <p>Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC) is one of the measures used to measure earnings quality. <br>Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC) is a valuation model that can be used to indicate the possibility of <br>rising and falling stock prices for market reactions to earnings information announced by the company. <br>By knowing the factors that affect the Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC), information can be <br>obtained about how strong the market reaction is to the earnings information presented by the <br>company. This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of Corporate Social Resposibilty, growth <br>opportunity and company characteristics on earning response coefficient in conventional banking <br>sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) for the 2018-2022 period. This research belongs to <br>quantitative research. The sampling technique used purposive sampling technique, 43 conventional <br>bank used as a population with 11 conventional bank companies is used as a research sample. The <br>analysis method of this research used panel data regression analysis. The results showed that: (1) CSR <br>has positive effect to earning response coefficient (2) Growth opportunity has effect to earning response <br>coefficien). (3) Managerial ownership has positive effect to earning response coefficien). (4) <br>Institutional ownership has positive effect to earning response coefficient. Simultaneously, CSR, growth <br>opportunity, managerial ownership and institutional ownership has significant effect to earning <br>response coefficient. The implication of the research results is that investors need to pay attention to <br>corporate social responsibility, growth opportunities and company characteristics which are proven to <br>be able to be used to determine the ups and downs of share price based on market reactions to company <br>profit information.</p> Amelia Tasya Nabila, V. Santi Paramita Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 12:52:08 +0000 Evaluation Of Smart Village Open Data To Realise Digital Village In Malang Regency <p><em>Government policies that focus on Open Government Data (OGD) often aim to encourage the provision of interoperable public data to any user, including the lay citizen, through online portals. However, these OGD portals are mostly not updated and the portals do not yet contain data needed by the public such as performance reports, financial reports, activity reports, and other data. This condition occurs in many village governments in Malang District. Researchers focused on evaluating open data in village governments by measuring the principles of open data. Researchers collected data using interviews and observations. Researchers found that the public information disclosure score in Putukrejo village government was 55%. Putukrejo village government's public information disclosure has not been maximised because many elements have not been fulfilled such as data files that have not been uploaded including village regulations, financial reports, and other village documents; timeliness in news updates is also still not optimal; and interactive services and complaints.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Binti Azizatun Nafi’ah, Kalvin Edo Wahyudi Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 12:56:20 +0000 Exploring The Factors Affecting Consumer Preparedness For Smart Home Technology In Indonesia <p><em><span style="font-weight: 400;">SSmart home technology is becoming more popular globally, including in Indonesia. <br>However, its adoption is still early, mainly due to the public's limited awareness of <br>this technology. This study uses the Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model <br>(TRAM) to assess individuals' readiness to embrace smart home technology. This <br>research was conducted using SEM PLS with 271 respondents selected through <br>purposive sampling, using 34 questions with a 5-point Likert scale. Positive outlook <br>and user-friendliness have a role in how people value smart home technology, <br>according to the study's findings. Optimism, inventiveness, and discomfort all affect<br>how easy something is to use. Anxiety and unease can play a role in how we interpret <br>danger. Smart home technology adoption is influenced by factors such as its <br>perceived value, simplicity of use, and cost significantly and positively.</span></em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Endah Novita, Adhi Prasetio Copyright (c) 2024 International Journal of Science, Technology & Management Tue, 30 Jan 2024 13:02:25 +0000