The Effectiveness Of Pre-Planting Seeds Bio-Matriconditioning And Application Of Fertilization With Leisa Technique On Growth Of Areca Nut Seedling (Areca Catechu L.)

  • Gusti Ayu Kade Sutariati Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Halu Oleo, Kendari Southeast Sulawesi 93232 Indonesia
  • Muhidin Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Halu Oleo, Kendari Southeast Sulawesi 93232 Indonesia
  • Nini Mila Rahni Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Halu Oleo, Kendari Southeast Sulawesi 93232 Indonesia
  • Gusti Ngurah Adi Wibawa Department of Statistics, Math and Science Faculty, University of Halu Oleo, Kendari Southeast Sulawesi 93232 Indonesia
  • La Mudi Department of Plantation Crop Cultivation, State Agricultural Polytechnic of Samarinda, 7513, Indonesia
Keywords: Areca nut; biomatricondtioning; inorganic fertilizer; LEISA; organic plus; seedling


Areca nut is widely used as industrial raw material, both for health and cosmetics and as a source of renewable
energy. This study aimed to examine the combination of seed bombatriconditioning and LEISA fertilization
treatments that were effective in increasing the growth of areca nut seedlings. The research was carried out in the
Wua-Wua Kendari Village, from March to July 2021. The study used a split-plot design with a completely
randomized design (CRD). The main plot is seed biomatriconditioning treatment which consists of 3 treatments.
While the subplots were fertilized with the LEISA technique which consisted of 6 treatments so that 18 treatment
combinations were obtained with 3 replications. Observations were made on plant height, number of leaves, stem
diameter, number of roots, wet weight and dry weight of shoot. Observational data were analyzed using analysis
of variance, followed by the DMRT α0.05 if there was a significant effect. The results showed that seed
biomatriconditioning treatment with rhizobacteria integrated with the LEISA technique was able to increase the
growth of areca nut seedlings. The integration between L1R biomatriconditioning and the application of organic
plus fertilizer + 100% inorganic fertilizer showed a better growth performance of areca nut on plant height,
number of leaves, stem diameter, number of roots, wet weight and dry weight of betel nut which were significantly
different with control and application 100% inorganic fertilizer, but not significantly different from organic plus
fertilizer, organic plus fertilizer + 50% inorganic fertilizer and organic plus fertilizer + 25% inorganic fertilizer.
As a conclusion, pre-planting seed treatment with L1R biomatriconditioning is very important to increase areca
nut seed germination. To increase the growth of areca nut seedlings, further fertilization needs to be done with
organic plus fertilizer or a combination of organic plus fertilizer + 25% inorganic fertilizer.


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