Implementation Of Performance Assessment To Determine Employee Performance

  • Mutinda Teguh Widayanto Panca Marga University, Indonesia
  • Yuliana Pasifik Morotai University, Indonesia
  • Ismawati Samawa University, Indonesia
  • Nurdin Natan Pasifik Morotai University, Indonesia
Keywords: Work Performance, Performance


This study has a purpose to determine the implementation of performance appraisal to assess employee performance conducted at PT. XYZ Sampling is done by using the census technique, namely taking samples from the total population. The research instrument used a questionnaire. Then test the validity and reliability to test the data requirements. The weighting of the questionnaire uses a Likert scale. The data analysis technique used a correlation test and t-test (hypothesis test).From the research results, the implementation of work performance to assess employee performance is carried out based on the work performance form with an assessment based on a rating scale. Employee performance has been included in the "good" category. This is known from the majority of employees who have assessment results with scores that fall into the good category. Employee performance has also produced good results. It was concluded that there is a strong and positive relationship between work performance and employee performance. It is known from the acquisition of the value of r = 0.722. A positive and strong relationship means that if the work performance variable increases, it will be followed by an increase in employee performance. Vice versa, if there is a decrease in the work performance variable, it will be followed by a decrease in the performance variable.


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